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An apen winter Search Source: SND
One without much frost or snow.

Brattle/Bratl/Brattel/Bratli Search Source: SND
Spell of bad weather; wind with rain or sleet, mostly of short duration; a sudden, hard blast with some rain; squall of wind.

Flaucht Search Source: SND
A sudden blast or gust of wind, sometimes accompanied by rain or snow.

Skirl/Skirlin(ie) Search Source: SND
The high-pitched shriek or whistle of a strong wind; strong wind in motion, gusty weather, esp. when accompanied by hail or snow, a flurry of snow.

Smore Search Source: SND
A thick close atmosphere, which seems to stifle one, one full of smoke, swirling snow, fine drizzling rain or mist, whirling dust, etc.

Smuir/Smoorie/Smoorach Search Source: SND
A thick atmosphere, a dense enveloping cloud or swirl: of snow, rain or mist.

Snaw Search Source: DOST
A type of weather characterised by snow, freq. in collocation with Frost n.

Storm Search Source: SND
A period of wintry weather with alternations of frost and snowiod of wintry weather with alternations of frost and snow.

Storm(e) Search Source: DOST
May refer to snowfall or a spell of hard weather with snow and frost.

Storming Search Source: SND
Cold, snowy or frosty weather.

Weather Search Source: SND
Wet stormy weather, a spell of rain or snow with blustery winds, rain in gen.

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