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Coldingham packmen Search Sources: SND SND
Cumulus clouds, appearing in vast, snowy piles in the north or east on fine summer afternoons. A type of cloud formation, QUOT: Coldingham packmen. This name is given to the form of cloud, called Cumulus, which appears in vast snowy piles, alp over alp, in the north or east, in fine summer afternoons. When weaving was a prosperous trade, packmen were not unlikely to be frequent about Coldingham.

Mirlie-backs Search Source: SND
Cirro-cumulus cloud-formations.

Pack merchants Search Source: SND
A small distinctively-shaped cloud, QUOT: Pack merchants. Small clouds of a humped shape, like men with packs on their backs, one following the other, generally indicating the coming of rain and wind from the south or south-east.

Pocky-cloud Search Source: SND
QUOT: I first observed this kind of cloud (cumulous-like festoons of drapery.

Tours Search Source: SND
Cumulus clouds.

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