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A silk napkin Search Source: SND
A fragmented or imperfect rainbow, usually thought of as presaging wind and rain.

Boar's head Search Source: SND (supp)
The fragment of a rainbow in the north which is called the "Boar's Head", makes the boatmen keep a look-out for wind.

Gollan Search Source: SND (supp)
A bit of a rainbow in the clouds which denotes broken weather.

Rawn Search Source: SND
In weather lore: a name for a fragmented or imperfect rainbow.

Skafer Search Source: SND
A kind of rainbow which appears through a mist as a sign that the mist will shortly lift.

Water-gaw Search Source: SND
An imperfect or fragmentary rainbow.

Weather-ga(w)/Weather-gow Search Source: SND
An atmospheric appearance, usu. regarded as a portent of bad weather, such as a mock sun or the fragment of a rainbow.

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