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(K)nickle deid/(K)nuckle deid Search Source: SND
To play a marble with the knuckles firmly on the ground, to knuckle down. Gen. used imper. as a call.

A'thing/Awthing/Aathing Search Source: SND
A call used in playing the game of “bools” or marbles.

Bunkers Search Source: SND
A call in the game of marbles. Instead of ‘plunking' from the ring, on calling bunkers the player was allowed to lift the marble and ‘plunk' it at the other marbles from his knee.

Cleesh/Creesh/Cleish Search Sources: SND SND (supp)
A term in the game of marbles.QUOT: In the game of marbles, if the player wanted the ground clear for his shot, he said “cleesh.

Even Search Source: SND
In the game of marbles: the call made, when two marbles are lying equidistant, to obtain the right of playing first.

Every Search Source: SND
The call in the game of marbles for liberty to play in any position.

Fain/Fainies Search Source: SND
A call in marbles to prevent or forbid some action by or on behalf of an opponent.

Feerie Search Source: SND
QUOT: In a game of marbles a boy who claimed feerie had the right to count his shot if he hit another marble whether it was the one he aimed at or not. So “nae feerie” meant that the opponent had to aim at one “bool”.

Feeshie/Feechie Search Source: SND
An exclamation used in games to keep a player from retracting or changing his mind.

Feeties Search Source: SND (supp)
Used in the games of pinner and marbles by a player whose pinner or marble strikes the foot of another player.

Habeek-a-ha/Hubeekee Search Source: SND
A cry given as a signal for boys to scramble for marbles.

Hinmaist in(s)ter Search Source: SND
Last to enter, (a call in) a game of marbles in which the players laid down one marble each and tried in turn to hit any of these with a second marble which was left lying if unsuccessful, the owner of a successful marble impounding all he hit. It was thus an advantage to play last.

Knuckle (in) Search Source: SND
To play in a marble from wherever it lies, without the advantage of being allowed to move it first from an awkward position, gen. in the call knuckle in!

Lag Search Source: SND
Used as a call at marbles in claiming the advantage of playing last.

Leeps Search Source: SND
A call in the game of marbles.

Nowts Search Source: SND
A shout by one's opponent which prevents the player from firing from any spot he chooses.

Rooks Search Source: SND
The call made by a player in claiming to keep all his winnings.

Roosh Search Source: SND (supp)
QUOT: A call at marbles for permission to go round the lie and survey the position of one's opponent's marbles in order to obtain a better vantage-point for one's own shot; a claim for a better stance. It could be vetoed by the opponent's forestalling it with “Nae roosh.”

Roundses/Roonses Search Source: SND
An exclamation in the game of marbles made by a player who wishes to claim the right to move to a better position at an equal distance from the ring.

Scoof Search Source: SND
A call when one has lost all one's marbles and claims one or two back from the winner to allow the game to continue.

Stunk Search Source: SND
The cry when the winning player claims the stakes.

Threeblers Search Source: SND
A call in marbles when three marbles were knocked out of the ring at one shot.

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