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(K)nickle deid/(K)nuckle deid Search Source: SND
To play a marble with the knuckles firmly on the ground, to knuckle down. Gen. used imper. as a call.

Cuddle Search Source: SND
To throw the ‘pitcher,' or marble used by the player to strike with, as near as possible to the ‘ring,' or space where are placed the marbles to be played for.

Feg Search Source: SND
To propel a marble with the thumb from the curved middle of the forefinger or to knock off a marble that is lying beside another.

Knick Search Source: SND
To propel smartly by means of the thumb and first finger.

Knuckle Search Source: SND
To strike sharply, specif. in marbles: to propel or flick the marble with which the player strikes.

Nicker Search Source: SND
To propel or fire (a marble).

Plunk Search Source: SND
To propel a marble with a thrust or jerk instead of rolling it gently, to pitch, throw.

Plunk Search Source: SND
To play a marble in such a way that it remains in the hole aimed at instead of striking out the other marbles.

Pouss Search Source: SND
A faulty shot in which the marble is lobbed rather than flicked,to throw in this way.

Slink Search Source: SND
To roll a large marble or plunker gently so that it comes to rest close to one of the smaller or play marbles, to sneak up on (a play marble).

Trintle Search Source: SND
To cause to roll or spin or flow, to trundle.

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