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A'thing/Awthing/Aathing Search Source: SND
A call used in playing the game of “bools” or marbles.

Feerie Search Source: SND
QUOT: In a game of marbles a boy who claimed feerie had the right to count his shot if he hit another marble whether it was the one he aimed at or not. So “nae feerie” meant that the opponent had to aim at one “bool”.

Lag Search Source: SND
Used as a call at marbles in claiming the advantage of playing last

Leeps Search Source: SND
A call in the game of marbles. QUOT: Bools are still so much played by the boys that any description we might attempt to give of the games of chasie, deggie, or spangie would only betray our ignorance of their intricacies … The firm “plunk” from that finger and thumb, and those steady knuckles, the click of the concussing bools, the cries of “leeps” and “peety” and “peety-clear” were as muscial to the boys as are the “canon”, “hard lines”, and other phraseology of the billiard-room to their seniors.

Nowts Search Source: SND
A shout by one's opponent which prevents the player from firing from any spot he chooses.

Stunk Search Source: SND
The cry when the winning player claims the stakes.

Threeblers Search Source: SND
A call in marbles when three marbles were knocked out of the ring at one shot.

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