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Falling neive/Falling nieve Search Sources: SND SND
A cheating way of firing a marble. QUOT: The summit of dishonesty, however, was reached by that player who employed the “falling neive”. This style resulted from a lad taking aim and then rising on his toes till he lost balance and almost fell half-way towards the ring before he delivered his marble. A method of cheating in delivering the shot by advancing the hand too far.

Foodge Search Source: SND
The act of playing in this way (FOODGE: In marbles: to take an unfair advantage by moving the hand nearer to the mark when projecting the marble).

Fung Search Source: SND
A jerk of the arm so as to propel the marble more forcibly than is permissible. QUOT: The “funk” was considered much less objectionable than the “nieve,” which crept gradually forward till well over the stroke, and was thus a mode of cheating other players.

Nieve/Nievie Search Source: SND
A method of cheating in delivering the shot by advancing the hand too far.

Plauch Search Source: SND
A gambit in a game of marbles.QUOT: Ploo . . . A movement in marbles by which the player threw the marble behind his back over his shoulder and forward, caught it and then aimed. It had the ulterior motive of bringing the player by this movement much nearer the target.

Sheevie Search Source: SND
The trick of taking undue advantage by thrusting the fist forward when firing the marble.

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