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Marbles (and similar games ) :: Hole View Visualisation

Canty Search Source: SND
A hole in the game of ‘kypes' played with marbles.

Cap Search Source: SND (supp)
A bowl-shaped hollow scooped out in the ground for a game of marbles.

Dump Search Source: SND
A hole scooped in the ground for playing marbles.

Gogs/Gugs Search Source: SND
The hole or circle as the mark in the game of marbles.

Kittie/Kitty Search Source: SND
The hollow at marbles.

Kype Search Sources: SND SND (supp)
A small scooped-out hollow in the ground, gen. for use in the game of marbles.

Mosh/Moshie/Moshy/Mooshie Search Source: SND
In the child's game of marbles: a hollow scooped in the ground in which the target marble is placed.

Mug Search Source: SND
The hole in the ground which is used as a target in certain games of marbles

Puggie Search Source: SND
The hole in a game of marbles into which the marbles are rolled.

Punkies Search Source: SND
The holes themselves.

Ring/Ringie/Ring(e)y Search Source: DOST
A circle drawn on the ground and used as a target area in a game of marbles.

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