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Feathery Search Source: SND
An old style of golf-ball, cased in leather and stuffed with feathers, in use c.1850 before the invention of the gutta-percha ball.

Gourlay Search Source: SND
A superior make of golfbal. QUOT: This was Gourlay at Bruntsfield and Musselburgh; and so expert in the art did his family show that, as old golfing writings record time and again, a “Gourlay” became the accepted term for a ball and the best that was made; so much so that “a Gourlay” commanded the highest price in the market.

Gutta Search Source: SND
A gutta-percha golf-ball.

Guttie Search Source: SND
Gutta-percha, india-rubber, anything wholly or partly made of rubber, e.g. a boy's catapult, a gym shoe, but esp. a golfball.

Gutty-perky Search Source: SND
A golf ball made of solid gutta-percha.

Pen-ball Search Source: DOST
A ball (prob. a golf ball) stuffed with feathers, ? a feathery.

Putty Search Source: SND
A jocular or familiar name for a patent type of golf-ball. QUOT: The “Eclipse” patent ball appeared, said to contain a mixture of cork-filings, india-rubber, and other unknown substances . . . Confirmation of this verdict on the “Gutty v. Putty” question (the “putty” being the popular name for the “Eclipse”) came from an unexpected quarter.

Tee'd ba' Search Source: SND
A golf ball which has been teed.

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