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Crag/Crage/Craig Search Source: DOST
The neck of a golf-club.

Handle Search Source: SND
The shaft of a golf-club.

Heel Search Source: SND
That part of the head of a golf club which is nearest to the shaft.

Hose Search Source: SND (supp)
The neck of a golf-club, where the head is fitted into the shaft.

Neck Search Source: SND
The part of the head of a golf club where it is joined to the handle or shaft.

Nose Search Source: SND
The front or point of the head of a golf-club.

Shank Search Source: SND
The stem or shaft of any instrument, as a spoon, fork, garden tool, brush, tobacco pipe, drinking-glass, golf-club, etc.

Sole Search Source: SND
The flat bottom of a golf club.

Tae Search Source: SND
The point or fore-part on the head of a club, the ‘nose'.

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