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Bonspiel/Bonspeil/Bonspeel Search Source: SND
A match between two opposite parties in the game of curling. It takes place gen. between different clubs or parishes. In former days the word was employed in a wider sense — e.g. in connection with golf or archery.

Fowersome Search Source: SND
A match of four players, two on either side.

Golfing match Search Source: SND
A competition between golf-players, a golf match.

Match-play Search Source: SND
Play in which the number of holes won by each side is reckoned instead of the number of strokes required to complete the course.

Medal competition Search Source: SND
The competition for such a medal, during which the number of strokes taken by a team or player to complete a round is used to determine the winner, instead of the more usual reckoning of the number of holes gained.

Medal day Search Source: SND
The day of such a competition.

Medal play Search Source: SND
Play where the scoring is reckoned as above.

Round Search Source: SND
A complete circuit of the course in which all the holes are played.

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