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Claff/Claft Search Source: SND
A piece of iron with studs to be pressed into the ice for the purpose of making a stop or stay for the foot when delivering a stone.

Clamp/Clamph Search Source: SND
A piece of spiked iron fastened to the sole of the shoe by a strap across the instep, worn by curlers to prevent slipping.

Cow/Cowe/Kow/Kowe/Coo Search Source: SND
The broom used in the game of curling.

Cramp Search Source: SND
A spiked piece of iron fastened on to the shoes when curling to prevent slipping.

Cramp(s) Search Source: SND
The iron sheet laid down at the end of a curling rink to keep the player from slipping when throwing his stone.

Crampet/Crampit/Cramp-bit Search Source: SND
The iron sheet on the ice on which curlers stand when delivering their stones.

Crampet/Crampit/Cramp-bit Search Source: SND
A flat piece of iron with 4 spikes, bound to the sole of the shoe to keep a curler from slipping.

Crank Search Source: SND
An iron guard attached to the feet in curling, to prevent sliding on the ice.

Crisp Search Source: SND (supp)
An iron cross with pronged bent ends for fixing on the ice, on which the curler stood to deliver the stone.

Fit-iron Search Source: SND
A piece of frosted sheet-iron for the player to set his foot on when about to deliver the stone.

Hack Search Source: SND
The metal footplate on which the player stands.

Prickle Search Source: SND
The spiked metal mat on which curlers stand to gain purchase on the ice when playing a stone.

Ring-cutter Search Source: SND
An instrument consisting of a board with nails driven in at intervals revolving round a centre and used to mark the concentric circle round the tees on the ice, a tee-ringer.

Stell Search Source: SND
The notches in the ice in which the feet were placed to prevent the player slipping when delivering the stone; later the Crampet or iron foot-rest which replaced these.

Tee-ringer Search Source: SND
An instrument used in curling to mark the circles round the tee. It is usually a board with pins or nails at the required intervals along its edge, pivoted at one end of the tee and pressed into the ice compass-wise to scratch out the circumferences.

Tramp/Trampet Search Source: SND
A piece of spiked iron fastened to the sole of the boot in order to prevent the wearer from slipping on the ice.

Tricker Search Source: SND
A flat iron plate spiked on its under-surface on which the player places his foot when throwing his stone, to prevent him slipping.

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