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Coll/Collie/Coallie Search Source: SND
The hog-score, a line drawn, in the amusement of Curling, across the rink or course. The stone which does not pass this line, is called a hog, and is thrown aside, as not being counted in the game.

Grumphie/Grumphy Search Source: SND
The hog-score in Curling.

Hog-score/Hogging-score Search Source: SND
One of the two distance lines drawn across a Curling rink at a point five-sixths of the way from the delivery mark to the tee, over which every scoring shot has to pass.

Hog/Hogg Search Source: SND
Applied to the line itself as a shortened form of hog-score.

Score Search Source: SND
The hog-score in Curling, over which every stone must pass in order to count.

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