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Misty/foggy/hazy :: Misty/foggy and wet/damp View Visualisation

Dawkie/Dawky/Dauky/Daughie/Da(wg)hie Search Source: SND
Moist, damp, gen. used with day, to denote a damp, misty day with little wind.

Drackie/Drawky Search Source: SND
Damp, wet, misty.

Drowie/Drowy Search Source: SND
Misty, drizzling, damp.

Dunky/Dunki Search Source: SND
Of weather: damp and misty.

Mochie/Mochy/Mauchie/Mauchy/Maughie Search Source: SND
Of weather: close and damp, muggy, misty and oppressive.

Moth/Mothy/Mothie Search Source: SND
Close and damp, misty and oppressive.

Muchtie Search Source: SND
Of atmosphere: warm and moist, misty and oppressive, musty.

Muggy/Muggi/Muggly Search Source: SND
Drizzling, wet and misty.

Ragglie Search Source: SND
Wet and misty.

Reekie/Reeky/Rei(c)ky/Reechy Search Source: SND
Misty, damp.

Roukie/Rouky/Rookie/Rooky/Rowky/Rocky Search Source: SND
Misty, foggy, damp, muggy, drizzly.

Skubby/Skobbie Search Source: SND
Wet, drizzling, misty.

Smoghie/Smochy Search Source: SND
Of the air: close, sultry, stifling, implying the idea both of mist and of sultriness.

Smuchty/Smoochterie Search Source: SND
Of weather: misty, steamy, close.

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