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Ask/Aisk Search Source: SND
A haze, mist, bank of fog.

Domra Search Source: SND
Fog, mist, haze; anything which obscures the sky.

Ear Search Source: DOST
A fog or mist.

Eem/Ime Search Source: SND
The condensation of moisture, esp. that rising from the ground or the sea-shore in frosty or still weather.

Fowg Search Source: SND
A Cai variant of Eng. fog.

Gum Search Sources: DOST SND
A haze or mist.

Halgh Search Source: SND (supp)
Mist, spume, spray.

Hum Search Source: SND
An overcast or cloudy sky, a haze.

Loom Search Source: SND
The indistinct appearance of anything seen through a haze or at a great distance, a haze or fog.

Mist Search Source: DOST
Mist, fog.

Musk Search Source: SND
A haze, mist.

Neptunes uouue Search Source: DOST

Rauk Search Source: SND
A mist or sea-fog.

Rek(e)/Reik Search Source: DOST
A smoke-like vapour, as steam, mist.

Rok(e)/Roik/Rouk Search Source: DOST
Thick mist lying close to the surface of the land or sea; fog; drizzling rain.

Rouk Search Source: SND
A mist or sea-fog.

Rug Search Source: SND
Fine rain, mist, drizzle.

Scam Search Source: SND
A film of vapour, a haze, mist, or shadow.

Scowman Search Source: SND
A haze or gloomy appearance in the sky.

Shug Search Source: SND
Drizzle, fine rain or mist.

Smirr Search Source: SND (supp)
Smoke, haze.

Stim Search Source: SND
A haze, a mist e.g on the sea, on a cold surface like glass etc.

The scaum o' the sky Search Source: SND

Tuggimø Search Source: SND
A mist, a thick haze.

Vapour(s) Search Source: DOST
An exhalation from the ground, etc. due to natural causes, a mist. Chiefly pl.

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