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A' the wye Search Source: SND
QUOT: A' the wye, fair, facin', naething — to prevent an opponent from throwing his marble short. Nae a' the wye — to claim the advantage of throwing the marble a short distance.

Fain doonsies Search Source: SND
A term used when playing marbles, to denote that the player cannot take advantage of the slope.

Fain upsies an' fain doonsies Search Source: SND
A call in marbles to preclude a player from taking advantage of a slope.

Haud stinch Search Source: SND
A call in marbles when a player is stretching too far forward in firing.

Nae shuillie Search Source: SND
The call in the game which prohibits one's opponent from doing this (Shuil: a shot fired after the hand had been thrust forward in order unfairly to increase its speed and come nearer the target)This disqualified the player who had to retake his shot).

To pick the ring Search Source: SND
To scatter a ring of marbles by pitching a heavier marble at them.

To tak einins/To tak eveninses Search Source: SND
QUOT: To tak einins, in the game of marbles: to change to a more advantageous position at an equal distance from the ring. He [the player] has this right on exclaiming “einins”! unless an opponent has forestalled him with “Bar einins”!

Up for smowt Search Source: SND
Used in the holes game when a player comes to the last hole for the third time.

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