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Billy-nut(s) Search Source: SND (supp)
Horsechestnuts as playthings, conkers.

Bully Search Source: SND
A boys' game - "to take turn about at hitting one chestnut with the other till one of them breaks”.

Bully Search Source: SND
The winner, i.e. the winning chestnut.

Cheggie Search Source: SND (supp)
Informal word for a chestnut.

Chessie Search Source: SND (supp)
Informal word for a chestnut.

Gullie Search Source: SND (supp)
A chestnut or conker, which has broken the opponent conker.

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2 thoughts on “Conkers

  1. Jim Hunter

    Conkers – when I played in Stewarton, Ayrshire in the 1950’s the general word for chestnut was “chessie”
    However if your chessie broke an opponent’s, it became a “bullier” . If it broke another it became a “bullier twa” and so on. This was cumulative, so if a “bullier three” broke a “bullier fower” it became a “bullier seiven” I’m sure there were other technical terms, but I’ve forgotten them.

    1. Susan Rennie Post author

      Thanks, Jim. We’ve added chessie (which is in DSL as a ‘chestnut’ but not in the conker sense). We only have the word bully as the winning chessie though (and the verb ‘to bully’)- so we’ll add bullier to our files. Thanks!

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