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Word results: n
Weather (miscellaneous) Weather n
Weather (miscellaneous) Wather-hap n
Weather (miscellaneous) Ree n
Weather (miscellaneous) Onlay n
Weather (miscellaneous) Ontak n
Weather (miscellaneous) Weddir/Wethir/Wathir n
Weather (miscellaneous) Storm(e) n
Weather (miscellaneous) Storm(e)|05 v
Of/pertaining to clouds :: (Of clouds) break up Rive up|07 aj
Of/pertaining to clouds :: (Of clouds) dark/full of rain Mirk/Merk/Mark aj
Misty/foggy/hazy Immis|03 v
Misty/foggy/hazy :: Decrease in intensity Pine|02 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere Weather|02 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere Snaw|02 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere Storm|02 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere Storm(e)|02.02 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere :: Attack/beginning/end of snow Ontak|02.04 n
Snow :: Snow & weather/atmosphere :: Fall/shower of snow/sleet Storm(e)|02.04.02 n
Snow :: Fall/shower of snow/sleet :: Snow & weather/atmosphere :: Heavy fall of snow/sleet; snowstorm/blizzard Nizzer|03 v
Snow :: (Of snow) threaten/grow in intensity Feed|03.01 n
Snow :: Snow & people/animals :: Snow clothing/accessories Fot(s)/Fottie(s)|08 v
Snow :: (Of frost/snow) thaw/melt (away) Lows/Lous|01 n
Rainbow :: Imperfect /partial rainbow Rawn

Category results: n
Weather (miscellaneous)|04 n
Of/pertaining to clouds :: Bar of cloud indicating bad weather|17 n
Misty/foggy/hazy :: Misty weather|15 v
Snow :: Sheep & snowy weather